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Secure Your Device's Network

Connection in One Click

Privatise puts company devices in any location on a virtually impenetrable cloud network, called the Remote Office Cluster or ROC. The ROC prevents ransomware by locking down internal & cloud resources while filtering & monitoring traffic.

Privatise is more than “SASE”. It’s ROC-SASE.

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Securing Office & Remote Workforce

Privatise secures your in-office devices and remote devices, making sure that your remote workforce stays protected. Every device with Privatise installed in a company account is connected, as if they are sharing the same office network. No matter where they are!


Privatise Security Features

Content Filtering

Privatise's advanced, AI based content filtering solution prevents phishing, malware, & adware from accessing your device.

Military Grade Encryption

Privatise 256 bit encryption prevents network hijacking and snooping. Your company data stays yours and yours alone.

Zero Trust

Set access rules to your devices & servers whether on premise or in the cloud. Prevent brute force attacks with the click of a button.

No Hardware

Privatise is cloud based with no hardware. Simply put it on a device to protect traffic. No need to buy or setup clunky, expensive hardware solutions.

Virtual Firewall

With Privatise activated, your device sends traffic through a virtual firewall. Malicious packets are stripped out before they can attack your device.

Secure Remote Access

Access on-premise or cloud servers or join a domain controller remotely using our next-gen secure Server Agents without exposing your internal network!