Alpha Connect

Fiber Internet

Fiber Internet

Rural Fiber To The Premise

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Save up to $75/month

Rural breaking fiber internet is here!

We’re breaking the rurals to bring you the fastest, most reliable internet. We didn’t write the rules for rural internet, but we’re set on breaking them. Alpha Connet’s fiber-to-the-home network will allow you to effortlessly work, play, and interact online. You can count on Alpha Connect to deliver first-class service.

Alpha Connect benefits

Fiber- Basic

Upto 2.5Gig Speed Internet
$99 per month
$1000 Set up fee
6 month contract


2.5Gig Speed + Streaming TV
$145 per month
$1000 Set up fee
6 month contract


2.5Gig Speed + Streaming TV + Fail Over

$199 per month
$1000 Set up fee
6 month contract

Rethink rural internet

Seamlessly connect dozens of WiFi devices

Work and learn from home

Access telemedicine

Real-time gaming and ultra HD streaming

Just how fast are we talking?