Alpha Connect



Alpha Connect is energized by developing and creating better solutions for the telecommunications industry, and it’s our coworkers and business partners that make it possible.

Work perks

Alpha Connect strives to bring its staff the most competitive pay and benefits.

Our Staff Will Tell You

December 2020

“Employees are rewarded for going above and beyond their day-today job duties. Being rewarded makes you WANT to do more.”


Katelynn, Marketing

December 2020

“I came here with no experience in telecommunications. I have learned so much in just a short period of time. Working at Alpha Connect has given me a new skill set.”


Makayla, Operations

December 2020

“I wanted to create a work environment in which business and personal life balance. Alpha Connect knows it sometimes “takes a village” to get the job done. We have several staff members that bring their children to work. By creating this environment, we are helping employees build their careers without the stress of childcare.”


Jennifer, President

Our Core Values

Alpha Connect takes pride in its four core values of Loyalty, Reliability, Innovation, and Servant Leadership. These four pillars are what hold Alpha Connect steadfast in this ever-evolving industry.


Innovation is key. The Alpha Connect staff pushes for better way to not only create better solutions and products but to also create better relationships with each other and our partners. Often imitated but never duplicated.


No matter how good or bad things may get, Alpha Connect commits to be there for its staff and partners.


Alpha Connect believes that reliability is key in building business relationships as well as products that perform consistently and effectively.

Servant Leadership

Alpha Connect strives to serve others while staying focused on achieving results. We prioritize serving the greater good by giving back to the community and charitable organizations as much as possible.