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    Welcome to Alpha Connect, your premier gateway to high-speed cellular internet across the globe with high speeds in North and South America. We’re not just an internet service provider, we’re your access to a connected world. With cutting-edge technology, we offer speeds of up to 2Gbps on 5G networks, ensuring you stay connected at home or on the go.   


   At Alpha Connect, we understand that everyone’s needs are unique. That is why we cater to a diverse clientele: from homeowners and businesses to nomadic campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Our mission is to keep you connected with predictable reliability and speed, wherever life takes you. Join us and experience the freedom of seamless connectivity at your fingertips!

Wireless High-Speed Internet

Home Internet.  Business Internet.  Camping Internet.  Cellular Backup.

You are one step closer to Amazing Internet Services!

Our IoT SIM’s are great for security cameras, game/hunting cameras, access control systems, irrigation systems, etc. One SIM, 600 carriers around the globe.

Why you should choose our IoT SIM?

Alpha Connect

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Wi-Fi at your fingertips

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Download the app and control your home Wi-Fi network and all your devices

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Refer-A-Friend Debit Card

Get up to $50 for each friend referred.

Refer your friends and get $50 for each friend that signs up and keeps active service for at-least 3 months. Refer as many friends as you want! There are NO CAPS on the amount you earn with Alpha Connect!

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Connect your Residence

Rather you’re a gamer, work from home, or simply browse the web, we have the speeds and packages for you. Getting high-speed internet has never been easier.


Connect your Business

Here at Alpha Connect businesses don’t pay a higher price for any of our services! We aren’t your typical ISP, we respect all of our customers, especially our Business customers. Never pay high prices again!

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No, Alpha Connect will never run your credit for any reason. 

Yes, we require a 6-month contract; however, we will let you out with a 30-day notice and return of our equipment. We only enforce the contract in the event our equipment is not returned. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a free trial as our services require installation technicians to install or build services and is cost prohibitive.

Yes, it all starts with a ticket. If you enter a support ticket one of our friendly customer service rep’s will call you back to work through your issues with you.

We initially test your device and configure it for your physical address. This usually takes 1 day, then we ship 2-day air unless you pay for overnight, in which you will get overnight shipping.